Eye assessment for driving license

To obtain a Swiss driver's licence you must first pass an eye test. If you have moved to Switzerland recently and you already have a driver's licence, you still need to take an eye test so that your licence can be converted to the Swiss version The eye test form can be found here.


Optiker Zwicker is doing repair work of frames and lenses near Paradeplatz by employing a team of experts. The majority of the frames can be repaired in-house.

Home Delivery

If you are not able to pick up your glasses, we can send them to you by mail.

Measuring eye pressure

As a preventative screening measure, we recommend customers over the age of 40 to have their eye pressure checked regularly. Optiker Zwicker has the knowledge and the technology available in house to conduct this type of test.

Emeregency repair service

You can use also the emergency repair service if you are not yet a Zwicker customer. If the in-house resources are available, we will repair your glasses as swiftly as possible.